We believe that children are the future of the Church.


Here are some facts about MCBC's "Youth 12 & Under" ministry:

  • All offererings collected during the Wednesday night Bible Study service are used to support children's youth activities.
  • Pastor Ben Fleet was hired in 2010 to administer MCBC teen and childrens youth programs.
  • Volunteer Youth Directors are nominated and elected every year.
  • We make a bus trip to Carowinds every year and let the teens ride along.
  • The Childrens choir practices before and sings a song or two during Sunday Night Services.
  • Monthly children's events (including bowling, skating, game days at MCBC, Christmas Party, etc.)
  • Outreach ministries of the childrens' program include our annual Egg Hunt and Easter Celebration (over 3000 eggs hidden on the church grounds, games, and other activites) and our annual Hallelujah ("Un-Halloween") Event (a candy carnival atmosphere with family friendly costumes).
  • An excellent MCBC Christmas Play is also produced each year where the youth perform in different programs that accent the Christmas Story.